Aspen Institute Prague Photos

Prague Aspen Institute prepares new activities in CE region and changes its name to Aspen Institute Central Europe

A Push towards a More Sustainable Poland and Czech Republic

Startups and the Digital Entrepreneur – The View from CE

Libraries remain inreplaceable and help social cohesion

Presentation of Zbigniew Brzezinski's biography with Charles Gati

Conference Whose Media, Whose Interests: Media freedom is vulnerable

Visit of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky to Prague

Ivan Hodač at Czech Radio: Why the Czechs are Eurosceptic?

Jeff Immelt in Prague: CEE could drive the next industrial revolution

Czech Republic: The Shape We're In | Annual conference 2016

Aspen Review Café: "We don't want to tear down Europe"

OPEN UP! 2016

New Economy: Shared, Circular, Collaborative – Colours of Ostrava / Meltingpot

Institutions in Crisis: We need more responsible leaders

Aspen Review Café: Institutions in Crisis

Žáček bude řídit komunikaci Aspen Institute Prague

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2016

Art Match: Patronage and National Gallery

Supporting Start-Ups and Small Digital Enterprises in V4

Public debate | Cities, Communities and Developers: A Bermuda Triangle?

Art Match: Art Patrons and Awards for Young Artists

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2017: Call for applications

Aspen Review Café: City & Creative Industries

Czech Republic: The Shape We're In | Conference summary and materials

Art Match: Innovative patronage of theatre

Czech Republic: The Shape We're In | Gala dinner and the Aspen Prague Award 2015 ceremony

Do Schools Teach Digital Thinking?

Art Match: Art Patronage and Industrial Heritage

Art Match: Artists & Corporates

Digital Competitiveness of the EU: Conference summary

Innovation and Privacy Go Hand in Hand

Germany and the EU: Who benefits?

Art Match: State of Cultural Philanthropy

Activists at Town Halls

Public speech of Cecilia Malmstrӧm on the TTIP

Creating a Digital Agenda for Visegrad - Summary of an expert policy meeting

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2015

Creative Placemaking Festival: Conference material and presentations

Creative Placemaking: City, Culture and Public Space


Aspen Cocktail

Art & Business

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2014

What did we Learn from the Economic Crisis?

Crowdfunding Visegrad - Project Outcomes

Call for Participation - Aspen Young Leaders Program 2014

Newsletter Aspen Institute Prague No. 5

Crowdfunding and Entrepreneurship

Twenty Years of the Czech Republic

Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Egypt: The Rise of Islamism?

Watch the Debate about the Euro On-Line

Aspen Review: Creative Cities

Future of Euro


F(o)unding Culture

Leadership in Non-profit Sector

Interview with F. Fukuyama

Creative Cities & Public Diplomacy

Seminar Proceedings On-line

Young Leaders Program

Bulgarian Energy Policy

Why Do I Care About Politics?

Internet in the Czech Republic

Season´s Greetings

Call for Applications

Are We Safe?

Media (R)evolution: Media Changes in Central Europe

Aspen Prague Launch Event

Policy Makers Seminar

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