Aspen Institute Prague Photos

What Europe Do We Want? Germany–V4 Forum in Prague

Prague Aspen Institute prepares new activities in CE region and changes its name to Aspen Institute Central Europe

A Push towards a More Sustainable Poland and Czech Republic

Startups and the Digital Entrepreneur – The View from CE

Libraries remain inreplaceable and help social cohesion

Presentation of Zbigniew Brzezinski's biography with Charles Gati

Conference Whose Media, Whose Interests: Media freedom is vulnerable

Visit of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky to Prague

Ivan Hodač at Czech Radio: Why the Czechs are Eurosceptic?

Jeff Immelt in Prague: CEE could drive the next industrial revolution

Czech Republic: The Shape We're In | Annual conference 2016

Aspen Review Café: "We don't want to tear down Europe"

OPEN UP! 2016

New Economy: Shared, Circular, Collaborative – Colours of Ostrava / Meltingpot

Institutions in Crisis: We need more responsible leaders

Aspen Review Café: Institutions in Crisis

Žáček bude řídit komunikaci Aspen Institute Prague

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2016

Art Match: Patronage and National Gallery

Supporting Start-Ups and Small Digital Enterprises in V4

Public debate | Cities, Communities and Developers: A Bermuda Triangle?

Art Match: Art Patrons and Awards for Young Artists

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2017: Call for applications

Aspen Review Café: City & Creative Industries

Czech Republic: The Shape We're In | Conference summary and materials

Art Match: Innovative patronage of theatre

Czech Republic: The Shape We're In | Gala dinner and the Aspen Prague Award 2015 ceremony

Do Schools Teach Digital Thinking?

Art Match: Art Patronage and Industrial Heritage

Art Match: Artists & Corporates

Digital Competitiveness of the EU: Conference summary

Innovation and Privacy Go Hand in Hand

Germany and the EU: Who benefits?

Art Match: State of Cultural Philanthropy

Activists at Town Halls

Public speech of Cecilia Malmstrӧm on the TTIP

Creating a Digital Agenda for Visegrad - Summary of an expert policy meeting

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2015

Creative Placemaking Festival: Conference material and presentations

Creative Placemaking: City, Culture and Public Space


Aspen Cocktail

Art & Business

Aspen Young Leaders Program 2014

What did we Learn from the Economic Crisis?

Crowdfunding Visegrad - Project Outcomes

Call for Participation - Aspen Young Leaders Program 2014

Newsletter Aspen Institute Prague No. 5

Crowdfunding and Entrepreneurship

Twenty Years of the Czech Republic

Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Egypt: The Rise of Islamism?

Watch the Debate about the Euro On-Line

Aspen Review: Creative Cities

Future of Euro


F(o)unding Culture

Leadership in Non-profit Sector

Interview with F. Fukuyama

Creative Cities & Public Diplomacy

Seminar Proceedings On-line

Young Leaders Program

Bulgarian Energy Policy

Why Do I Care About Politics?

Internet in the Czech Republic

Season´s Greetings

Call for Applications

Are We Safe?

Media (R)evolution: Media Changes in Central Europe

Aspen Prague Launch Event

Policy Makers Seminar

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