Creative Placemaking: City, Culture, and Public Spaces

WHEN: July 11, 2014, 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Pohoda Festival, Trenčín, Slovakia, tent “.týždeň”

The debate would look at art and cultural activities as tools to economically and socially revive localities, cities and regions. If taken seriously, the cooperation among arts organizations, urban activists, local governments and business plays a central role in shaping communities’ economic, physical, and social futures. Successful projects start with an entrepreneurial idea, reflect the character of the site and engage community, both local government and citizenry. Therefore, they require the involvement of all professional sectors.

Invited guests will discuss models and examples of best practices in creative placemaking in Slovak and Czech contexts as well as from abroad. They will highlight challenges and obstacles that creative placemaking projects encounter, and will focus on the economic and social profits they generate.


  • Marek Adamov, Stanica Žilina Zariečie, Slovakia
  • Zora Jaurová, President, Creative Industry Forum, Slovakia
  • Ondřej Kobza, Cultural Activist & Entrepreneur, Czech Republic
  • Igor Marko, architect & urban designer, Slovakia / United Kingdom


  • Radek Špicar, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Prague

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