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Although Christmas is slowly approaching, the Covid-19 pandemic is still surrounding us .This is the reason why we decided to cover this topic from the perspective of civil society. Are there structural changes ahead in society? Is the pandemic changing the world? And can active people moderate the threatening flow? The third issue of this year’s Aspen.Review is here!

Covid-19 vs. Civil Society

There is no doubt that the world has been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic since the last issue. Since then, our main topic has become providing you with interesting perspectives on this unprecedented situation. The future will test our ability to work together as the whole of humanity. Stay healthy and read the brand new Aspen Review.

The priority is economics and politics, care for an individual’s life is great in theory, while in practice, civilization is only a small area totally surrounded by a jungle—Tomasz Stawiszyński

In Central Europe, Covid-19 does not seem to have left a major imprint on people’s attitudes towards Europe. At least not yet. This could, however, easily change if, in the EU’s post-Covid-19 dynamic, the region drifts further away from the European center, writes Pawel Zerka in the article Do Not Take Today’s Pro-Europeanism for Granted.

The philosopher Tomasz Stawiszyński shares his thoughts on Covid-19. It has revealed how brutal, unjust and inhumane the attitude to the old and sick is in the modern world. It has shown the reality painstakingly concealed earlier behind thick curtains, hidden from the eyes of the majority. Read The Coronavirus, The Myth Buster now.

The Country Where People Trust Their Government and the Government Trusts its People

In Taiwan, I had a chance to see what really matters in a democracy. We need a vigilant society as well as needing to shape our lives from the bottom up. What matters is diversity and not the feeling that we no longer have any influence over anything,” the Czech novelist Radka Denemarková writes in her text The Country Where People Trust Their Government and the Government Trusts its People.

In a democracy that is based on shared values, that has a vision and a goal, society stands upright. Those who lie are called liars, those who steal are called thieves: there is no room for discussion—Radka Denemarková

If you are interested in how to maintain the momentum of innovation and change and not go crazy during the pandemic, read the article by our Aspen Young Leaders Program alumna Sara Boutall Polak. “As we have seen from several projects, the hunger for total digitalization has grown enormously during this crisis,” she states. Read more.


Liberalism Goes Viral

There is a great deal more, however, apart from corona virus topics. Think about if we did not have too much history in the interview with Emil Brix, or the case of Hungary – What if EU Business Interests Confront EU Values by Magdolna Csath. Also do not forget to read about how Liberalism Goes Viral by Ben Cunningham. Still haven’t had enough? Read all the articles on the Aspen.Review website or download the eBook version.

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We will focus on women changing the current order of the world in the next issue. So stay tuned and enjoy healthy and calm days if possible!

Jenda Žáček
Publishing Editor of Aspen.Review

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