Contributions of AYLP alumni to The Shape of (Central) Europe 2019 conference

The AYLP aims to support young leaders from various professional fields. They gather to participate in discussions, workshops, lectures and experience-sharing in order to think about the impact of their activities on the world, society and future. But participation in the program is only the first step. AYLP alumni keep in touch with us. We involve them in our projects, including the Aspen annual conference. This year was no exception.

Some alumni contributed with their expertise to pre-conference public debates and roundtables, including Petr Ducháček, CETIN manager, Soňa Jonášová, founder and director of Circular economy institute, Michal Kadera, director of external affairs of Škoda Auto, Ladislav Kučera, manager of the Škoda Auto endowment fund, and Tomáš Pospíšil, founder and CEO of the Exekutor má smů project.

Some of them significantly contributed to expert research analyses – Lukáš Kovanda, chief economist of CZECH FUND, wrote an article on Developments in Competitiveness and Matěj Petrásek, partner at DigiLion, contributed to Developments in Quality Governance.

Others provided us with short essays included in the conference book. They also formulated their thoughts concerning the shape and future of the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

The AYLP contributors to the Czech version of the conference book were:

The AYLP contributors to the English version of the conference book were:

Some alumni joined the discussion on the conference panels, which provided them with an opportunity to share their professional experience. These include Andrej Pančík, co-founder of Prizeo and Reprezent, and Juraj Bóna, chief country officer of T-Mobile Czech Republic.


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