OPEN UP! Creative Placemaking Festival: Conference material and presentations

On November 6-7, 2014, the Aspen Institute Prague together with Pilsen 2015, European Capital of Culture, organized an international festival promoting the idea of creative placemaking – the OPEN UP! Creative Placemaking Festival

The event presented opportunities that cooperation of the public and private sectors with arts and creative approaches offers to cities, society and economy. Pioneers of creative placemaking, such as Ann Markusen, director of the Arts Economy Institute in the United States, Daniel Latorre, founder of the Wise City in NYC, Andy Robinson, director of Futurecity in Cambridge, Igor Marko, founder and creative director of Marko and Placemakers in London and many more, shared their views and experience. Apart from international guests, the festival hosted a number of local experts.

The festival launched with a public conference in Prague, which was followed by an evening full of presentations of successful projects in Pilsen and closed expert sessions that took place the following day. With the MOVE UP! competition, the program of the event gave space to new creative projects.

To browse through the agenda of the event, please see the bilingual (Czech and English) brochure.

To read profiles of the award-winning proposals in the MOVE UP! Competition or Ann Markusen΄s article on creative placemaking, please download the MOVE UP! Competition publication.

Here you can view slides presented by speakers at the festival:

Ann Markusen, Arts Economy Initiative, United States (keynote speech)
Ann Markusen, Arts Economy Initiative, United States
Petr Koudela, The Lower Area Vítkovice Association, Czech Republic
Martin Sturm, O.K Centre for Contemporary Art, Austria
Jiří Sulženko, Pilsen 2015, Czech Republic
Juan Carlos Belloso, Future Places, Spain
David Kašpar, cultural policy consultancy, Czech Republic
Daniel Latorre, The Wise City, United States

Juan Carlos Belloso, Future Places, Spain
Marek Sivák, Pěstuj prostor
Matúš Vallo, Vallo Sadovský Architects

Michaela Mixová, Pilsen 2015
Ondřej Kašpárek, Everfund, Pilsen 2015
Christian Potiron, Pilsen 2015
Marek Sivák, Foster the City, Pilsen 2015

For photographs from the event, please refer to the photo gallery below.

If you missed the public conference, you can watch videos of the two panels in the video gallery below.


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