Digital Economy in Central and Eastern Europe

Aspen Institute Prague has drafted an overview that offers a comparison of key indicators, such as ICT value added, e-commerce or connectivity, across twelve countries in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Internet and communication technologies are important socio-economic accelerators. With the present study, we want to point out to the immense, but often untapped, potential of digital technologies for economies, administrations and societies of Central and Eastern Europe. All countries in the region have fairly developed infrastructures and a variety of e-services, although the levels vary significantly. Yet, only a few key stakeholders in the region have fully embraced ICTs as an instrument of economic and social development.

Outlining the peaks and troughs of the digital landscape, the overview signals the areas that require policy improvement or can generate further business potential in the region. Data used in the paper come from the Eurostat and other EU sources and in most cases are the latest available numbers. For some comparisons however, older data had to be utilied as those for 2014 or 2015 were not at hand for all member states in question.

Download the full overview by clicking on the picture below or here.


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