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The Christmas is coming and here is a small present for you: We release the 4th issue of 2018 Aspen.Review online, this time with the title Energy for the Future. Join with us the flow of the new energetics shaping the world, the human energy pushing things forward, or the energy of people moving across the borders. Energetics, human power, and the spirit of energy.

We are happy to share with you this topic in the newest Aspen Review articles, interviews, and comments. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Energy for the Future

A technological revolution in the energy sector is at our door and we must decide on what our vision is going to be for the 21st century. Were our industries of centrally planned economies, dependent on energy supplies from the Soviet Union, successfully turned into modern and efficient ones? Is the technological progress leading to more efficient and environmentally safer energy production fast enough? The Future of energy is now!

It should be obvious what decisions need to be taken. Is this actually the case though? In a world where societies democratically entrust power to such leaders as Donald Trump nothing is clear.—Edwin Bendyk




The discussions on The Future of Energy, and more precisely on the ways of producing and using it by humans, are not all that much different from fantasizing about artificial intelligence, Edwin Bendyk states in his article.

Our AYLP alumna Pavlína Louženská took an uncommon view on the human energy – how are the generations moving the society? Does the Year of Woman represent any significant energy rising grassroots movement? Be sure The Future is Bright: If Generation Z stays on the barricades, how #MeToo failed us and finally how Gen Z will save us.

Have a look in John C. Hulsman‘s article The Shale Revolution and Donald Trump how the “revolution and its fruits have landed squarely in Donald Trump’s lap—making him look lucky. President Trump’s energy strategy is, in truth, entirely beside the point,” he says.


I believe that the fundamental debate in the energy industry will be about the pace of wholesale transition to renewable energy and how much we can bet on technologies that have yet to be tested in practice. Your Perspective on the World is Determined by the Source of the Raw Materials for your Energy Supplies —Václav Bartuška.

And why the energy diversification in Ukraine is an opportunity for the V4 countries describes Agata Łoskot-Strachota. She talks also about how Slovakia and the Czech Republic have already benefited from it – Everyone Wants Integration.

As usual, you can find other current topics such as A New Narrative for Neoliberalism by Benjamin CunninghamGermany and France: The Expensive Friendship by Claire Demesmay or the question if Europe is Lost for GMOs by Marcin Rotkiewicz.

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And the next issue? You can already be looking forward to the discussion about the current world trade wars gathered under our cover story Trade ON/OFF. Stay tuned! We wish you a lot of joy and energy while reading the Aspen Review during Christmas, and also a dose of energy in the year 2019.

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Jenda Žáček
Publishing Editor of Aspen.Review

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