Future of Work – Aspen Review Café

As a part of Future Port Prague on September 7, 2017 Aspen Instituce Central Europe organized one of the Aspen Review Café series, a side event accompanying the publication of the Aspen Review quarterly.

The discussion with Jiří Kůs, the President of the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association, was based on his text Third Industrial Revolution and Opportunities Nanotechnology Offers from the Aspen Review 3/2017.

We live in the most extraordinary times marked by exponential human progress. Artificial Intelligence, robots, 3D printing, smart materials, or autonomous cars are all existing technologies today that will turn whole industries upside down tomorrow.

The Future Port Prague is a unique futuristic festival that provides a comprehensive overview of exponential technological trends, their impact on business and our lives, and the tremendous business opportunities they bring.

See the video of the discussion below.


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