Media (R)evolution: Media Changes in Central Europe

Aspen Institute Prague in cooperation with the FORUM 2000 Conference presented an open panel discussion

Media (R)evolution: Media Changes in Central Europe

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 14:15, Knight’s Hall, Žofín Palace in Prague.
Working language: English.

See the whole discussion via video channel of the Forum 2000 Foundation.

In times of major digital innovations, media seems to be one of the most dynamic industries in the public arena. Some experts compare the evolution of the digital format and its accessibility through mobile devices to the invention of the printing press. The Central European region has been developing quite rapidly in regards to this changing landscape, as various political developments have altered the role of media and its perception in society. Do the media in Central Europe keep pace with the cutting edge of digital innovations? How have the media in Central Europe contributed to the consolidation of democracy?

Endre B. Bojtár
Editor-In-Chief and Publisher, Magyar Narancs, Hungary

David Brauchli
Communications Director, PIANO Media, USA/Slovakia

Aleksander Kaczorowski
Journalist and Editor-in-Chief, Aspen Review, Poland

Oana Popescu
Political Analyst, Global Focus Center, Romania

Adrian Sarbu
President, Central European Media Enterprises, Romania

Michael Žantovský
President of the Aspen Institute Prague, Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Czech Republic

The debate was held as a part of the Forum 2000 Conference “Media and Democracy“, October 21-23, 2012.
Source of the published photos: Forum 2000 Foundation

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