With more than 35 years experience in the engineering and manufacturing industries, Paul is an industry veteran, both as an engineer and a businessman.  His focus over the past twenty years has been on strategic business development throughout the Central and Eastern Europe region, in the energy, nuclear, aerospace, defense , manufacturing and marine industries, including supply chain management. In the capacity of  President of Rolls-Royce International for Central and Eastern Europe, member of the Supervisory Board at Rolls-Royce Poland and Director of Aero Gearbox International Ltd., he has had extensive experience of the region, its governments and companies, during the dramatically changing economic climates experienced in the territory as it transitioned into the strong and stable economies of today.

In his early career Paul specialized in developing products and markets related to the metals recovery in a wide geographical area including South America, Africa, Australia, and Europe. An innovator by nature, engineer and scientist by training, he holds multiple patents in the mining and metallurgical fields. He has acted in an advisory capacity to governments on manufacturing in the aerospace and defense industries, and provided strategic leadership to a number of consortia in these sectors.

Paul is a Faculty Member at Prague Leadership Institute, a coach and mentor in the Odyssey Program, Operating Partner in CEIP private equity fund and Chairman of the Board of Elcom a.s.

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