The main purpose of all our projects is to provide the general public with a politically and ideologically neutral platform for democratic discussions about global political, economic and social issues, such as the future of European integration, energy security and promotion of equal opportunities, as well as the issues of basic human rights and respect for them, in the form of seminars, conferences, and educational, cultural and other social events. 

  • Aspen Young Leaders Program

    A four-day roundtable discussion for 30 emerging young leaders from Central Europe. The program involves both formal and informal activities and covers a range of contemporary issues.

  • Annual Conference

    The Institute’s main public event, a large annual conference attended by high-profile guests, speakers and decision-makers as well as general public.

  • Leadership Seminars

    Leadership Aspen seminars are text-based retreat events that are a part of an exceptional program promoting values-based leadership.

  • Aspen Central Europe
    Leadership Award

    The Institute bestows the Aspen Central Europe Leadership Award to young successful professionals.

  • Společnost 4.0

    Cyklus debat, které se zaměřují na dopady rozvoje technologií na společnost, připravujeme ve spolupráci s OPERO, ABRA Software a.s. a NF Neuron.

  • Expert Reports

    The Aspen Institute Central Europe’s expert reports aim to generate greater public attention for vital challenges and opportunities in Central Europe.

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