a Young Leader!

Do you know someone who is an extraordinary young leader and who do you think he/she should be part of the Aspen Young Leaders Program? Nominate her/him to take part in AYLP! All you need to do is to send us to a recommendation letter for her/him describing why she/he should be part of the program. We will approach each nomination individually.

In the recommendation letter please write:

  • how she/he meets the participation and selection criteria
  • why do you personally think she/he should be part of the program
  • what is your relation to a nominee
  • his/her contact details and if she/he knows about the nomination
  • relevant links – website, articles, LinkedIn account
  • if you or she/he is willing to (or cannot) pay the participation fee
  • your contact details

Read more about the Aspen Young Leaders Program!

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