Václav Sochor works as a consultant for Bison & Rose, where he is responsible for media strategy and media coordination of the agency. Prior to his appointment he was the Editor-in-Chief of Marketing & Media, a B2B weekly of the Economia publishing house. He started working in media in 1994 when he joined Nova TV. One year later he acceded to the newly established Czech editorial office of the BBC in Prague and in 1996 moved to work for the BBC in London. Five years later he returned and worked for the BBC in Prague until 2006, when the service was closed. He then worked on the Z1 news television as the first head of its foreign news service, and later became the Editor-in-Chief of ČRo Rádio Česko news station (2011-2013). He also worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Strategie (2007-2009), a weekly magazine about the media and commercial communication, the bimonthly TravelFocus (2003-2007) and Barlife (2004-2006) magazine. In 2008, he moderated Media and the World weekly magazine of the Czech Television. In addition, he is also a member of the IPN KREDO media group, which aims to lead reform of higher education in the Czech Republic.

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