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Non-profit organization Aspen Institute Central Europe o.p.s. (AICE) serves as a non-partisan and non-ideological platform that facilitates interdisciplinary and regional cooperation. We organize public conferences, seminars, workshops and expert discussions with the participation of professionals from politics, business and public institutions, as well as personalities from the fields of art, sport and science.

Founded in 1950, the Aspen Institute is headquartered in Washington, DC in the United States. The Aspen Institute Global Network spans across Europe, North America, and Asia. The Institute in Central Europe was established in 2012 and operates for the whole Central European region – primarily in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

The Institute aims to provide a platform for critical discussion of current political and social issues, enhancing the functioning and development of democratic values and open society. We also support engaging talented young leaders in these discussions. AICE strives to support strategic thinking that goes beyond local and sector-related boundaries. By convening representatives of politics, business, the arts, media, the non-profit sector, and science, the Institute opens dialogue into topics of values-based leadership, education, positive impact of innovations, quality of governance and Transatlantic and European issues. In their implementation, the Institute focuses on issues that are critical for the future of the Central European region and addresses them during conferences, round tables and seminars.

The Public program aspires to present challenging ideas at public events and via the Aspen Review Central Europe. This journal offers articles by renowned Central European authors and interviews with respected leaders and experts.


Aspen Institute CE

  • Represents the values and principles that are fundamental to the free, just and equitable world, and promotes regional and global cooperation
  • Stimulates interdisciplinary cooperation and enhances critical discussion among people from all walks of life and opinions
  • Supports strategic thinking that goes beyond geographic and sector-related boundaries
  • Focuses on priorities that are critical for the future of the Central European region
  • Who We Are

    Aspen Institute Central Europe (AICE) is an independent platform that mediates interdisciplinary and regional cooperation and supports young Central European leaders. It serves as a politically and…

  • Partners

    The support of our corporate and individual partners and donors is crucial to sustaining the work of Aspen Institute Central Europe. We are appreciative and thankful for their help!     Our…

  • Programs

    The Aspen Institute Central Europe’s activities focus mainly on leadership seminars, expert meetings, and public conferences, all of which are held in a neutral manner to encourage open debate.…

  • Annual Report

    An overview of the annual projects of Aspen Institute Central Europe as well as financial statements prepared on the basis of accounting regulations applicable in the Czech Republic, which compromise…

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The support of our corporate partners, individual members and donors is critical to sustaining our work. We encourage you to join us at our roundtable discussions, forums, symposia, and special event dinners.

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