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The Return of Power Politics

The West is having to reconsider its ambitions of promoting democracy around the world – ambitions that were behind the enlargement of NATO, over Russian objections – and to concentrate more on defending it. A new containment and engagement strategy, based on realpolitik, is needed both for Moscow and for Beijing.

Tales From the Great Beyond

The Czech Republic Has Moved Forward to Energy Independence from Russia

Thursday 24 February 2022 will have been etched into history. After Russian aggression against Ukraine, all reasonable people quickly came to the conclusion that Russia is not a partner for us, not only in energy sector cooperation but in any other areas as well. Eight months from the outbreak of war, the time has come to ask ourselves a question: How has the Czech Republic progressed in limiting its dependence on Russia’s fuel supplies?

Giorgi Badridze: Georgia Will Do Everything Not To Irritate Russia

“For many years my country was a leader in reforms and getting closer to the West. Now it is trailing behind," says Giorgi Badridze, former ambassador to Turkey and the UK, in an interview with Wojciech Wojtasiewicz.

Ukraine: The Difficult March to Victory

The prevailing conviction in the West was that President Volodymyr Zelensky would be unable to manage the situation, and the world’s political establishment believed that he should be evacuated as soon as possible. Later, American support emerged, even greater than expected, says Paweł Kowal in an interview by Małgorzata Nocuń.

Civic and Gender Participation As a Remedy For Political Disillusionment in Central Europe

The current trends in Western Europe show that civic participation plays an integral part of policy-making. It is an important part of the democratic process, says Kristína Bolemanová, an expert in European and foreign policy.

Ukraine: Europe’s Unfinished Work

Until recently, ‘Ukrainians’ were synonymous with ‘cleaners’ or ‘builders’. If such a belief is held by the Czechs, it is not surprising that countries located further west know even less about Ukraine, says Alexander Dobroyer, Ukrainian sociologist, coach and researcher.

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