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A Hungarian Pro-Moscow Course?

Inflation: plague or acceptable cost of growth?

The United States fears inflation and is fighting it, having previously invoked it and downplayed it. Europe has contracted a milder variant and intends to live with it. But we must consider the risks of stagflation in the medium term.

A second chance for Europe’s currency?

The euro is a child of Germany’s unification and of the need to solidly anchor Germany to the European Community. The crisis triggered by the pandemic and the abundant geopolitical tensions today can breathe new life into Europe. Perhaps the time is finally right for Europe to emerge at long last from the quagmire in which the Monetary Union has been bogged down for years, thanks to the introduction of novel economic policy tools.

Ideas Health: Solutions to our complex problems do exist, but they require hard work

Last June Jakub Hlávka, Assistant Research Professor at the University of Southern California, had a chance to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado. Out of the sixty various panels presented he has chosen some of the most insightful to share.

Europe is Emerging as a Geopolitical Union

The problems that Europe is facing are directly related to errors of national policy, particularly in Germany, yet the EU has been much bolder and more decisive than the average member state in this crisis, says Bruno Maçães in conversation with Tomas Klvana.

History in Color

Nearly 100 years after her birth, Agneša Kalinová’s story serves as a bridge to an entirely transformed Central Europe. The book is divided into seven sections, each corresponding with the journalist’s so-called ‘lives’ and her memories bring color to what might otherwise appear as black and white images. In a conversation guided by Juráňová, and translated for English speakers by the Sherwoods, Agneša’s personal account of events helps tell the story of twentieth century Central Europe – states Benjamin Cunningham in a review of My Seven Lives.

For Those Who barter the World’s Resources, the War Is an Opportunity

The point when Russia has maximum energy leverage against Europe is early winter, when during the coldest snap Vladimir Putin decides to turn off the gas. I think the people really realize how ugly it could get. And it will get ugly – says Javier Blas, co-author of “The World for Sale”, in conversation with Jakub Dymek

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