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Wake up, Europe, to what World We Are in!

Europe still has enormous soft power. It’s one of our problems - says Timothy Garton Ash in an interview with Aleksander Kaczorowski.

Data Over Good Feelings: Why Science Matters

In the new Aspen Review article, 'Data Over Good Feelings: Why Science Matters,' science journalist Pavla Hubálková deep dives into science communication to the public, offering examples of good practices and presenting research outcomes on why data and scientific knowledge are crucial for addressing many societal challenges. She emphasizes that they should be the primary arguments in our and policymakers' decision-making.

Stop blaming AI. Instead, embrace it

Artificial intelligence may be a rising threat to information integrity in news, but that threat began long before generative AI at the hands of lazy reporting and sloppy journalism, experts said.

Is the Free Media in Central Europe Under Threat?

We Have to Convince the West that the Problems of the Media in Central and Eastern Europe Are also their Problems. Without free and pluralistic media, the region will continue to slide further towards authoritarianism, with grave consequences for the future of the entire European Union, says Václav Štětka in an interview with Robert Schuster.

A Passive Approach to the “Green Transformation” of our Economy Will Deprive us of our Prosperity

"The energy industry, transportation, and manufacturing are responsible for three fourths of Czechia’s Carbon Dioxide emissions. They are what needs to change the most", says Jiří Švejcar in an interview with Robert Schuster.

Russia Is No Upper Volta With Nuclear Weapons

MEP Alexandr Vondra is unequivocally in favour of helping Ukraine and its admission to NATO and the European Union, but only when the war is over. He is convinced that the Union will turn to the right after the European Parliament elections in 2024 and his group will become stronger. He also fears that if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election, he may be driven by a desire for revenge, which will affect the  policies he pursues.

Elections in Slovakia, or Russian roulette

Rastislav Káčer analyzes the future results of the upcoming elections in Slovakia and disseminates the biggest potential threats to the Slovak Republic. He compares the fatalistic mood of Mečiar´s rule to Robert Fico, and his potential winning of parliamentary elections, smashing Slovakia with his coalition.

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