Socrates Digital Seminar

The Socrates Digital Seminar on the topic of The Moral Reckoning of 2020 was organized on October 22. The seminar offered a reflective space to pause and consider our leadership in response to the challenges of the present. During this text-based seminar, leaders from various professions convened and discussed important milestones in the history reflecting on their implication for our lives today.

The moderator Cordell Carter, director of the Socrates Program of the Aspen Institute, walked the participants through a group discussion on how the US arrived at its current point and where we can go from here. The participants reflected, among other, on societal change and the obligations and duties of a leader.

The purpose of the seminar is not to identify similar responses or to build consensus, but to encourage participants to think more deeply about their own beliefs and values, enhance their understanding of competing viewpoints, and highlight the complexity of our societies. While the Seminar offers no ready-made solutions, it creates a space for dialog and exchange, which is vital in a world of conflicting interests, opposing views, and cultural frictions.

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