• Praga Caput Cultura: Conference Report

    Summary of discussions on the importance of culture in Prague.

  • Changing Perception of Public Space: Between Opportunity and Responsibility

    Public discussion organized within the 18th FORUM 2000 annual conference

  • Creative Placemaking Festival

    You can now have a look at program of the OPEN UP! Festival and confirm your participation.

  • Praga Caput Cultura

    Aspen Institute Prague is partner organisation of the conference about the importance of culture for city development within the Street for Art 2014 festival in Prague.

  • Invitation: Praga Caput Cultura

    Join us for the conference about the role of culture for development of Prague

  • Call for Participation: Move Up!

    Applications for the competition “Move Up! Alternative Mobility – focus on Pilsen” are now closed.

  • The Economy of Art

    Panel discussion organized by the Aspen Institute Prague within the Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland.

  • Right in Ascendance or Mainstream in Decline?

    Find more about the commonalities and successes of the anti-EU and right-wing parties in the recent European elections.

  • An interview with Emmanuel Todd by Maciej Nowicki

    Read an interview with Emmanuel Todd, a renowned French demographer and historian, who provides a very critical insight to EU reaction to the events in Ukraine.

  • Why enlargement breaks?

    Is enlargement one of the most effective soft power weapons of the European Union? Read Marek Cichocki´s article in our new issue of the Aspen Review Central Europe.

  • Creative Placemaking: City, Culture and Public Space

    How to use the arts and culture as engines of cities’ economic growth? Watch our video from the Pohoda Music Festival and find out more about the concept of creative placemaking!

  • OPEN UP! Creative Placemaking Festival

    A two-day festival on Creative Placemaking – a process in which partners from public, non-profit, private and community sectors join to strategically shape the urban areas around using arts and…

  • Creative Placemaking: City, Culture, and Public Spaces

    Public debate on art and cultural activities as tools to economically and socially revive localities, cities and regions. Pohoda Festival, Trenčín airport, Slovakia.

  • Upcoming Aspen Review focusing on Ukraine

    Read its first article by Robert Cooper on the Ukrainian crisis’ influence on relations between Europe and Russia.

  • Aspen Annual Conference 2014

    The conference commemorated the momentous events across Central and Eastern Europe 25 years ago and the enormous geo-political changes that followed.

  • Aspen Annual Conference 2014

    The upcoming annual conference will commemorate the momentous events that took place across Central and Eastern Europe 25 years ago. Respected panelists will focus on geopolitical changes that…

  • Aspen Annual Conference 2014

    The conference commemorated the momentous events across Central and Eastern Europe 25 years ago. Take a look at photos and videos from the event.

  • Creative Placemaking in Public Spaces

    Panel debate organized by the Aspen Institute Prague within the European Economic Forum, Katowice.

  • E-­commerce as a Driver of Competitiveness in Central European Economies

    Platform for Internet Economy (PIE) in cooperation with the Aspen Institute Prague organized its annual conference on the Internet economy.

  • Central Europe: fit for the future?

    Panel discussion assessed Central Europe ten years after the EU accession and presented recommendations for the region collected in an eponymous report.

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