• Public speech of Cecilia Malmstrӧm on the TTIP

    The European Commissioner for Trade paid a visit to Prague to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

  • New Aspen Review: State vs. Economy

    Read about the current challenges in economic governance in the new issue of the Aspen Review, available both on-line and in hard copy.

  • Activists at Town Halls

    Jón Gnarr (Reykjavik), Matěj Hollan (Brno) and Peter Bročka (Trnava) in a public debate about their experiences with politics at city halls.

  • reSITE 2015

    Aspen Institute Prague is the Partner of 2015 reSITE Festival. Within the conference the Institute will organize a special public debate with former Mayor of Reykjavik Jón Gnarr.

  • Cecilia Malmström on TTIP – Public Speech

    Public speech by the European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

  • Creating a Digital Agenda for Visegrad – Summary of an expert policy meeting

    The meeting brought together Czech and Slovak State Secretaries for European Affairs with representatives of business, public administration, and expert community.

  • Creating Digital Agenda for Visegrad

    A policy meeting focusing on key priorities of the Visegrad Group in Digital Agenda. The event is co-organized by the Aspen Institute Prague and Central European Policy Institute.

  • ASPEN REVIEW: Exclusive interview with Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

    Iranian lawyer, judge, and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi discusses the wide gap of discontent and inequality between the people of Iran and the government.

  • “The Left is Back!” reports new Aspen Review

    The new issue of the Aspen Review reveals dynamic transformation of leftist politics in Europe. You can read the issue on-line or get your hard copy now!

  • Aspen Young Leaders Program 2015

    We successfully concluded the third edition of the Aspen Young Leaders Program! Find out more about the event.

  • Aspen Young Leaders Program 2015

    Continuation of the Young Leaders Program in Low Tatras.

  • Partnership with the European Economic Congress

    Aspen Institute Prague has become the institutional partner of the biggest business event in Central Europe held in April 20-22 in Poland.

  • Digital Agenda explored in the new Aspen Review

    Read about the information and communication technologies’ impact on policy, economy and society, on-line or register to receive your hard copy.

  • Putinism, Orbanism … But is there an “Ism”? Jan-Werner Müller for the Aspen Review

    In his article, professor Müller reveals that the political projects of Orban and Putin are not political ideologies, but a kind of information warfare.

  • Creative Placemaking: Partnering with Arts and Culture to Animate Cities

    Article by Ann Markusen written exclusively for the Open Up! Creative Placemaking Festival.

  • The Rise of Illiberalism by Ivan Krastev

    Read about the threats to European liberal model as discussed by Krastev in an interview presented in the newest Aspen Review.

  • New Aspen Review

    A new issue of the Aspen Review Central Europe is out!

  • Call for Participation: Aspen Young Leaders Program 2015!

    Applications for the third edition of the Aspen Young Leaders Program are now open!

  • OPEN UP! Creative Placemaking Festival: Conference material and presentations

    Videos, photographs and more from our biggest event this fall – the OPEN UP! Creative Placemaking Festival.

  • Crowdfunding Visegrad – A Study and Manual

    An overview of crowdfunding activities in the Visegrad countries complemented with a set of advice for crowdfunding campaigners.

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