Albert was born in 1989. Both instinct and upbringing made him an optimist. He became passionate about mastering English and making music. When he first heard The Scientist by Coldplay, he decided to start a band. Charlie Straight won many awards, shot a video with Yemi AD in NYC, got a review in The Guardian (2012) and supported Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then, Albert decided to quit. “I wanted to do things better and more passionately. With LAKE MALAWI, we are now doing just that.” LAKE MALAWI, with Albert as the front man, is now set for a month-long tour around London and Brighton with their upcoming album, Surrounded By Light, to be released by the end 2017. Jay-Z is Albert’s role model managing his musical career himself. “I adopted that mind-set from my father,” he says. Jay-Z talks about “the kind of consistency you can only get by adding dead-serious discipline to whatever talent you have.” Rather than talking about it, Albert decided to live it.

Last edited in April, 2017.

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