Dr. Andrej Nosko is Director for Europe at PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law, where he supervises running of the PILnet’s European office and the Europe Program’s day-to-day operations, contributes to the development and oversees the implementation of PILnet’s European strategy.
Prior to joining PILnet, Dr. Nosko was head of the Governance and Policy Debates Division at Open Society Initiative for Europe and Program Manager at Think Tank Fund. Dr. Nosko also worked for European Commission’s Directorate for Internal Security,  DG Justice Freedom and Security (now DG Home Affairs) on law enforcement and internal security policy cooperation in Europe, and led an international group of researchers advocating for closer transnational cooperation in improving energy security in Europe.

His academic interests include the political economy of security, new security threats, and the energy security policies of European countries. He has advised governments, lectured, and authored papers on energy policies of Central European countries. Nosko received his PhD (Summa Cum Laude) in political science from Central European University in Budapest.

Last edited in September, 2018.

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