Dana Tomášková is the Director of Digital Services and Big Data and the Vice President for Channel Management and CRM at T-Mobile Czech Republic. After graduating from Technical University in Brno, she started working in the financial sector, holding various positions at Santander subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Hungary and, later, at GE Money Bank, with a focus on marketing and product management. After joining T-Mobile in 2007, Dana changed her focus more to B2B, but continued to build a career in marketing, serving as the head of VSE and SME segment. Later, she moved to a similar position in the B2C segment, and, in 2012, was promoted to the Vice-President position in Segment Marketing. In the beginning of 2015, she changed her focus to channel management and CRM, and she is now working on topics related to omnichannel steering and big data monetization. In her free time, she enjoys reading and sports (yoga, running).

Last edited in March, 2016.

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