Daniel Prokop studied sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, where he now works as a researcher and doctoral student. He is a member of the research team for the project Dynamics of Poverty and Social Exclusion (GAČR, FSV UK) from the year 2015. He was the director of the social-political section and director of research for the company MEDIAN over the years 2014-2018, with whom he now works as a sociologist. He has a particular interest in research into voting behavior and the political positions of the Czech population, analysis and research into poverty, poor quality housing and the impact of socio-economic problems on children. He is the author of advanced methodology for voting research in the Czech Republic. He has published, as of the year 2015, on the themes of poverty, public policy and populism and the voting behavior in the regular series Introduction to Practical Sociology in the newspaper supplement Salon Práva, for which he received a Journalism Prize for Solution Journalism in the year 2017.

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