David’s values are freedom (physically & mentally), growth, purpose, and fairness. He learned a lot from working 3 years in non-profit organization AIESEC Brno during university studies. Further from building his startup Universator in Starcube accelerator which didn’t take off. After studies, David joined investment group Miton in Prague. He helped to build Bonami.cz for almost 6 years, last 3 years as CEO, where he led 150 people, operated in 5 countries and had 1bln. CZK in revenue in 2018. He had experience with a brain tumour (successfully) and got married (successfully) which formed him a lot. He was also chosen as Forbes Czech 30under30 in 2017 which didn’t form him at all :-) He is now looking for new opportunities to support (invest, start on his own or mentor).

Last edited in August, 2019.

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