Denisa is currently volunteering with Associação Juvenil SYnergia, a Portuguese youth organisation. Previously, she worked as a Project Manager for the Czech NGO Slovo 21. Her work is dedicated to promotion and education in multicultural competencies and management of leadership projects for young Roma people. She graduated from the University of J. E. Purkyně, with a master’s degree in business administration and management in 2015. During her studies, Denisa had the opportunity to coordinate corporate trainings aimed at developing female leadership skills of employees of IBM CR, where she worked as a Research Assistant to the Government Programs Executive in 2014. She is the Vice-Chairman of the newly founded Elite Club Barvaľipen, which brings together Roma intellectuals, professionals, students, and experts from different fields. Club Barvaľipen responds to the need to define a new generation of Roma intellectuals and experts. Its medium-term objective is to develop philanthropic activity.

Last edited in March, 2016.

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