Filip is responsible for supporting AT&T’s international external and regulatory affairs team in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia. Prior to joining AT&T, he had been a diplomat for more than 6 years at the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic in Brussels where he was responsible for telecommunications, ICT, Galileo and postal services. During the Czech Presidency in the first half of 2009, he was a chairman of the Council’s telecom group and he participated in the negotiations with the European Commission and European Parliament on the reform of Europe’s telecom regulatory framework. He held important positions in the Czech administration (advisor to the Minister of Defense, advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Parliamentary Assistant, Head of the office of the Minister of Informatics). After graduating from Prague’s Charles University Law Faculty in 2001, he studied at Ecole National d’Administration in France.

Last edited in March, 2013.

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