Jakub is the Director of the Health Economics, Policy and Innovation Institute at Masaryk University, Czech Republic, Co-Founder of the Initiative for Effective Healthcare, and an Associate Adjunct Clinical Professor of public health sciences at the University of Southern California. He specializes in health policy and economics and spent more than 10 years living in the United States where his research on the economics of ageing, Alzheimer’s disease, clinical trials and access to innovative medications received significant policy attention, including by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and key policy makers. He previously worked at the RAND Corporation on issues related to national security, defense planning, as well as access to health care, and has held fellowships at Stanford University, Fraunhofer Society and Genentech, among others. Outside of research, he is a classical violinist and a triathlete. He spends most of his time in Brno, Prague and Los Angeles.

Last edited in April, 2024.

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