Professor János Martonyi is a politician, attorney, international arbitrator, and the author of numerous books, essays and articles, primarily in the fields of international trade law, competition policy and law, European integration and law, cooperation in Central Europe, global regulations and international relations. He was Hungarian Commissioner for Privatization in 1989–90, State Secretary of the Ministry of International Economic Relations in 1990–91, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1991–94 and Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1998–2002 and 2010–14. He was also a managing partner at the law firm Martonyi and Kajtár, Baker & McKenzie, Budapest in 1994–98 and 2002–09. Currently he is chairman of the Academic Advisory Group of the Ministry of Justice, a member of the board of the Wilfried Martens Centre, chairman of the UNCITRAL, UN Commission on International Trade Law, 2017. He has taught at many universities, including the University of Szeged, ELTE University (Budapest), the College of Europe (Bruges and Natolin) and the Central European University (Budapest).

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