Kornélia is a political scientist and graduate of ELTE Faculty of Law. After working at the Government Communication Centre in the Prime Minister’s office, she became Managing Director of Progressive Institute, which she has owned since 2010. She had always strived to appear in professional and public life with her research initiatives, which are innovative and apply new, unusual approaches. In the last four years, the Institute conducted research concerning prejudice towards Roma and held a democracy workshop project for underprivileged youth regarding civics. Lately, she is engaged in Roma integration, conducting research on coping strategies of Roma communities after the serial killings in 2008–2009. In addition, she is working on a documentary movie regarding a very new drug abuse phenomenon in poor regions of the country. Kornélia has 11 years of experience in political consulting and media management. Currently, she is studying psychology at the University of Szeged.

Last edited in March, 2016.

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