Liz Corbin is the Editor of the BBC Reality Check team. The BBC established the team to fact check and debunk deliberately misleading and false stories masquerading as real news in 2017.

In the past Liz worked as the Singapore Bureau Editor for BBC News.She runned the teams which broadcast live and recorded programmes from Singapore on the BBC’s international news channel BBC World News. She also led the Asia digital team which writes articles and produces video content for the BBC News website and social media accounts. She headede up the BBC’s business news coverage from South Asia and Asia-Pacific and worked closely with all BBC News teams across the region.

Before arriving in Singapore nearly 4 years ago Liz worked for the BBC in London. She worked in domestic news for most of her career including as a producer on the BBC’s most prestigious evening news programmes and as the producer to the BBC’s Political Editor in Westminster. She was a programme editor for 3 years on BBC World News before taking the posting in Singapore.

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