Maksim Dzyuba works as the Head of Macro-Region at Home Credit. He was born in Stavropol, Russia. Since his childhood, he helped his father and his father’s business partners with their work. He married at the age of 19, and, in 2003, travelled to the United States for a work and travel student program. After returning home, Maksim started to work in sales and graduated from university with a degree in Economics. After four years of working in the sale of confectionary, he decided to join Home Credit in 2007, where he has worked for nearly nine years. During his time at HC, he has held various positions, including Sales Manager, Deputy for Sales of Regional Director, and Regional Director. In his current position, he oversees a team of 1,500 people. He has two daughters and enjoys various sports (gym, skiing, boxing, swimming).

Last edited in March, 2016.

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