Michal Kořan

Aspen Expert Groups Coordinator

I see Aspen Institute not only as a platform but also as an irreplaceable intersection of views, ideas, enterprises, people and communities – now encompassing the whole of Central Europe. This is why I believe Aspen is a unique place to pursue efforts to help to reverse the trend of creating defensive mental and physical barriers and to make best of the technological and social changes that we are witnessing nowadays.

Michal Kořan graduated from the Masaryk University in 2004 and obtained his Ph.D. at the same university in 2008. In 2005, he joined the Institute of International Relations in Prague as a researcher and served later as the Head of Research Department and as a Deputy Director. Since 2009, he is also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Studies in Brno. In 2012, he received a Fulbright Scholarship as a Research Fellow at the WCFIA, Harvard University.

In his academic life, he has been focused on foreign policy analysis of the Central European countries, Visegrad cooperation, security and Trans-Atlantic Relations. Recently, he also focuses on the interlinkage between globalization, technological changes and democracy. In total, he was responsible for (or cooperating on) almost twenty research grants and other projects. Since 2007, he is the lead-author of an annual analytical book Czech foreign policy: Analysis. He has devoted a significant part of his professional career to providing opportunities and platforms for a dialogue among different sectors of the public. In 2008, he founded an annual International Symposium Czech Foreign Policy, he is a co-founder and coordinator of the Czech-Polish Analytical Platform, in 2013 – 2014 he was a vice-chairman of the Programme Council of the Czech-Polish Forum. He is a co-founder and the national co-coordinator of the Think Visegrad Platform. Michal has delivered numerous invited speeches, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Wilson Centre, University of Pennsylvania, Polish Institute of International Affairs, the Diplomatic Academy in Wien or the European Economic Forum in Katowice.

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