Olena was born in Kyiv and has been a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Secretary of the Committee for European Integration since 2014. Besides her mother tongue she is fluent in English and Russian. Before entering into politics, she worked as a freelance reporter for the Ukrainian newspaper and a lawyer and partner at the Lawyers Company. Currently, Olena is a human rights activist and member of the Gratis Legal Aid Centre for victims of the events at the Independence Square in Kyiv. She completed her Master’s degree in Law and Economics in 2005, but this was not the end of her studies. From 2011 to 2012 she participated in a project of the Council of Europe and the Ukrainian School of Political Studies and later completed a degree in Psychology at the National Pedagogical University Drahomanov. Moreover, since 2010, Olena forms part of the board of the Ukrainian Bar Association. She took part in The Aspen Seminar on leadership in Ukraine, and during 2013-2014 she was a member of the Coordinating Council of Alumni Association “Aspen − Ukraine.”  She says, “I believe that now is the time to contribute my grain of sand to the development of Ukraine.“

Last edited in March, 2015.

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