Ondřej Kundra currently works in the Respekt weekly which he collaborates with since 1999. He became a stable team member in 2002. In 2008 he became responsible for the local news section, in 2009 he took up responsibility for the sections Politics and Society and later on the Focus section. In his texts, he pursues mainly the adventurous world of Czech politics concentrating on topics like corruption and public procurements. He was awarded with the Novinářská křepelka award in 2011 for his political analyses and investigative work. Kundra is also a recipient of the Journalism Award for his text uncovering the connection of the judiciary and politics with the goal to prevent from investigation of key corruption cases. Ondřej Kundra is also a published author – in 2014 he published a book on a well-known arts benefactress called Meda Mládková. My Wonderful Life. Putinovi agenti (Putin’s Agents) and Můj syn terorista (My Terrorist Son) are his latest releases.

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