Pavlina’s passion is to build pioneering platforms that enable turn-around in creative industries. Her goal is to lead and create innovative products and services which can tell a great story. She is a great communicator with an extensive network of contacts in CEE and has a passion for connecting people and businesses. Pavlina is a published author and a public speaker at international conferences with a Top30 CZ&SK Klout score. Her longterm domain expertise is fashion, design and media, which she regularly consults. Pavlina is very passionate about female empowerment in a business environment: She started a group #HolkyzMarketingu which has grown into 12 000+ women network with regular workshops and meet-ups. For that, she was selected by German Marshall Fund as one of the Young Transatlantic Innovative Leaders Initiative Fellows. From September 2018 she is a Marketing Director of Czech News Centre. She is a Board Member for Transparency International and a spokesperson for Social Impact Awards 2017. She serves as a judge of a PR award Zlatý Středník and an internet award Křišťálová Lupa.

Last edited in August, 2018.

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