Vladimír Vaňo is a Chief Analyst and the Head of the Central and Eastern European Research Competence Center for Sberbank Europe AG. He has worked in the economic and financial markets research within the banking sector since 1999, when he entered the field as a Research Assistant to the Chief Economist of ING Bank in Bratislava. In mid-nineties, he worked as Volunteer for WWF-Worldwide Fund for Nature and The Foundation for a Civil Society; his professional career then began in Deloitte. Vladimír received his education from the Carlson School of Management and the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and is the laureate of the Rector’s Academic Award from Comenius University in Bratislava. He served as External Adviser to Ivan Mikloš, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic. Vladimír now serves on the Board of Directors of the Pontis Foundation and on the International Alumni Board of WU Executive Academy in Vienna.

Last edited in March, 2016.

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