The Aspen Institute Central Europe’s activities focus mainly on leadership seminars, expert meetings, and public conferences, all of which are held in a neutral manner to encourage open debate. The Institute’s programs are divided into three areas: Leadership, Policy, and Public. In their implementation, the Institute focuses on issues that are critical for the future of the Central European region.


The programs convene exceptional leaders across various fields and disciplines from Central Europe in order to step away from the daily routine to reflect upon various aspects of values-oriented leadership. The participants are challenged to explore their core values and engage in dialogue about complex issues critical for society’s development. We encourage discussion on challenging political and social topics as well as what it means to lead responsibly in the context of Central Europe.


Policy Program serves as a nonpartisan forum that allows for a multifaceted dialogue between policymakers, influential business and public figures. They address themes that reflect the impact of innovation and technology on the development of society, democracy, quality of life, change and formation of public opinion and its participation in decision-making. Global issues, transatlantic relations, and problems Europe and the Central European region are facing are discussed. It allows for analysis, consensus building, and problem solving on a wide variety of issues. In order to have concentrated debates these discussions are organized without the attendance of general public and media.


The Public Program aims to actively involve a large number of participants in debates and analyses of current Central European issues and opportunities for developing the region. The Institute organizes debates and conferences for a broader audience of interested individuals who wish to discuss fresh ideas and look at a wide range of social, political and economic issues from a new perspective.

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