Quality of Governance

Only a civil service that can manage the administration of partial tasks as well as the preparation and implementation of long-term goals, and that is able to respond flexibly to current challenges and is an attractive employer offering an innovative, developing and goal-oriented work environment led by quality managers, is effective.

Under this topic, in these four pillars we focus on dialogue supporting effective civil service aimed at increasing trust in it:

  • Focus on outcomes and their measurement
  • Flexibility in the organization of public administration
  • Attracting and developing the most capable talent
  • Digitalization and data-driven decision-making

These pillars, based on data analysis and evaluation of international best practices, can help improve the efficiency of the government. Published expert reports revisit these pillars and provide concrete practical measures that have proven successful in response to the crisis and could help strengthen the capacity of the government and civil service as such to cope with extraordinary challenges.

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