Aspen Annual Conference 2023

16. November 2023 (9:00 - 17:00)

It is our pleasure to cordially invite you to our next Aspen Annual Conference 2023, which will take place at the Prague Crossroads Centre from 9 am on November 16.

We are honored that our invitation to speak at the Conference was accepted by the President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel, as well as Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies, University of Oxford, and Tomáš Halík, Professor, Charles University and President, Czech Christian Academy.

Following up on the previous years, we will provide a comprehensive assessment of political, economic, and social development in the Central European region and the Czech Republic, as well as address specific recommendations to the political representation.

The Conference will be streamed online.

We welcome you to be part of this exceptional Annual Conference based on expert studies. Deep dive into the topics discussed, and recommendations which are then addressed to the political representation.

For your personal attendance, please, register here

The main topic of this year´s conference will be:

Values: A New Trend of the Digital Era?

You can look forward to further panel discussion: 

🔵 Values-Based Leadership: Challenges in the Digital Age

🟠 Values: A New Trend of the Digital Era?

🟣 Defending Values in the Digital Age
The panel will be based on a study by Aspen Institute CE and Daniel Koštoval

🟡 Digitalization: How to Support Small Czech Businesses?
The panel will be based on a study by the Aspen Institute CE and the Global Arena Research Institute

🟢 Transition to a Green Economy: A Way to Prosperity?
The panel will be based on a study by the Aspen Institute CE and Boston Consulting Group

🔴 Education: The Basis of Success Lies in Cooperation between School Principal and Statutory Authority
The panel will be based on a study by the Aspen Institute CE and PAQ Research


🎙️ The Conference will be chaired by Michala Hergetová

We will share more information about the program, names of speakers and links to the online stream closer to the event.

*Change of the program is reserved. The capacity is limited. 


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