Aspen Central Europe Leadership Award 2021

The Aspen Central Europe Leadership Award was bestowed for a third time this year. This award is given to young successful professionals for outstanding achievements in their field in one of the following areas: leadership based on principles and values, active promotion of a responsible civic attitude and innovative policies with a positive social impact in Central Europe.

This year’s awardee is Ľubica Karvašová, Slovak diplomat, she holds the position of the first Sherpa at the Prime Minister’s Office, she is a founder of the EU Unit at the Slovak Prime Minister’s Office, and alumna of various EU and Visegrad programs, including the Aspen Young Leaders Program (AYLP). By the Award, we recognize Ľubica as an exceptional and values-based leader actively promoting responsible citizenship who deserves recognition for her contribution to the Central European, specifically Slovak, policy.

‘Leadership sometimes means that you really have to do whatever you can with all the skills you have to contribute to a common good,’ commented  Ľubica Karvašová on her engagement in the vaccine diplomacy during the covid-19 pandemic.

The second Laureate is Jan Mencwel, Polish activist, writer, and founder and current leader of Miasto Jest Nasze, a leading Polish activists group engaged in urban struggles around ecology, equality, and accessibility of cities. We recognize Jan’s tireless efforts and outstanding contribution to innovative policies with a positive social impact in Poland. He is driven by a passion for spreading education and values of leveling inequalities in the society, promoting the role of civil service. 

‘We try to make changes that seem to be impossible,’ said Jan Mencwel about the work of the activist group Miasto Jest Nasze.

The award ceremony was introduced by a speech by Cordell Carter, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Socrates Program, and bestowed by Ivan Hodáč, president of the Board of Directors of the Aspen Institute Central Europe. 

Video recording 3:01:53 – 3:18:00


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