Aspen Young Leaders Program 2015

On March 12-15, in the remote reaches of the Slovak Tatra mountains, thirty young leaders in business, public administration, arts and science from Central Europe and Ukraine reflected on the challenges of leadership in today's world.

The Aspen Young Leaders Program is among the highlights of the Aspen Institute Prague's activities. For the third time we gathered young professionals from completely different backgrounds, such as entrepreneur Tomáš Čupr, fashion designer MiMi Lan, GE Manager Piotr Podsiadlo, economist Aleš Michl, architect Matúš Vallo or Ukrainian MP Olena Sotnyk.

For three days the group engaged in interactive workshops and discussions with experienced experts from various fields. Speakers included VIGO Investments CEO Pavel Řehák or the former Slovak Minister of Finance Ivan Mikloš, who shared his views on leadership in politics. "The biggest enemy of politics is populism," said Mikloš, who steered the country through challenging economic reforms.

Another guest, Vašek Pecha, spoke about leadership in crisis situations, based on his experience as the Head of Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar, Afghanistan. Looking at leadership from a creative perspective, Yemi A.D., who started as an AYLP 2013 participant, described how he became a world-acknowledged dancer and choreographer. "Every human being is an artist. I always try to involve people I work with into the creative process," highlighted Yemi.

Networking, teambuilding and self-reflection are also inseparable parts of the Program. One of this year's highlights was an empowerment workshop that included firewalking challenge. The heat accompanied us also during another informal part, a visit at the local steel factory.

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 See the agenda of the event.

The Program is financially supported by VIGO Investments, RSJ Foundation and RSJ a.s. and organized in cooperation with the NEURON Fund for Support of Science.




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