European Economic Congress 2016 in Katowice

Aspen Institute Prague is partnering with the European Economic Congress for the third time on May, 18-20 2016 in Katowice. We are happy to invite you to the most important economic event in Central Europe: it will assemble several thousand guests from European countries as well as from Asia and Africa during a series of debates on new directions in thinking about the economic future of Europe.

The European Economic Congress in Katowice is a three-day cycle of debates, meetings and accompanying events attended by over 7,000 guests from Poland, Europe and all over the world. Almost 100 sessions each year are attended by several hundred panellists, EU Commissioners, prime ministers and representatives of European governments, CEOs of the largest companies, scientists and practitioners, decision makers and people who have a practical impact on economic and social life. In a fertile environment for opinion, in the form of an open public debate, discussions are held on issues that are the most important for Europe’s development.

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