Open Up! Creative Placemaking Festival 2015 | Conference Materials and Conclusions

The second festival's edition took place on December 2-3, 2015 in Pilsen and Prague and was co-organized with Pilsen 2015.

Its first part, the public conference in DEPO2015, hosted a number of distinguished guests and experts, both from the Czech Republic and abroad, including Kim Tuin (NDSM Amsterdam), Agata Etmanowicz (Fabryka Sztuki, Poland), Michael Badics (Ars Electronica Solutions, Austria), Levente Polyák (Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center), Zora Jaurová (Creative Industry Forum, Slovakia), Peter Radkoff (Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Slovakia), Hana Třeštíková (Prague 7 City Council), Štěpán Kubišta (Jatka78, Czech Republic). Participants discussed the reshaping of cities and places, engagement of local communities, and the use of modern technologies in urban development. 

The program continued with presentations of the Open App! competition finalists. The project Na ovoce won the first prize sponsored by MasterCard.

On the second day, some of the issues brought up at the public conference were further discussed at four parallel expert sessions. The workshops were attended by representatives of cultural institutions, members of the public administration, activists, and independent experts.  

For a detailed agenda see the festival brochure

The CONCLUSIONS OF THE FESTIVAL are available under the following links:

English version
Czech version


Kriszta Csala, Design Terminal Budapest

Jakub Deml, Skryté město (Hidden city)

Agata Etmanowicz, Fabryka Sztuki Łódź

Levente Polyák, Eutropian

Peter Radkoff, Tabačka Kulturfabrik

Jiří Sulženko, DEPO2015

Kim Tuin, NDSM Amsterdam

Jan Zbirovský, Zonky


Vladimír Eliáš, myHometown

Kateřina Kubánková, Ondřej Nejedlý, Na ovoce

Adam Slezák, Michal Kabíček, Pointvent

Robert Johnson, Sharylator


You can check the photos from the festival on our Facebook profile.

A short video report and a full recording of the public conference are available below.

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