Socrates Seminar 2024

The second Socrates Seminar in Central Europe, this time held in Poland, we welcomed 20 senior executive leaders from business, diplomacy and NGO to discover new perspectives at this pivotal time for European and transatlantic relations as strategic competition continues to rise in the seminar entitled The Future European and Global Architectures: The Nexus between Resilience, Security & Innovation. 

Based on pre-selected texts, the Ambassador Paula Dobriansky, currently a Senior Fellow in the Future of Diplomacy Project at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, led the participants through a moderated dialogue focused on questions evolving around democrats and autocracies, broad array of tools amplifying fissures and undermining confidence within democracies, digital transformations disrupting the foundations of diplomacy and defense, and the development of a comprehensive and dynamic yet operational approach to resilience.

In recent years, the scale and complexity of critical economic, environmental, technological, and human flows have increased dramatically, as has the dependency of many societies on such flows. Increased interconnectedness and digitalization can bring prosperity, but they can also generate vulnerabilities, as state and non-state actors seek to manipulate and exploit dependencies. Critical societal functions are increasingly susceptible to disturbances, interruptions, and shutdowns. This seminar used these issues as a backdrop to examine considerations for the responsible development and application of emerging technologies, current geopolitical situation and disinformation and the pressure these tactics place on institutions and on individuals.

The Socrates Seminar is not meant to give ready made answers, but it rather engages the participants in an enriching and meaningful conversations that challenge the them with in-depth debating experience which brings them to think out of the box, and hopefully feeling empowerment to take action as a more effective leader.

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Participants of the Socrates Seminar 2024

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