The Aspen Institute Central Europe Announces Change
in Its Executive Management

PRAGUE (February 19, 2020) – The Aspen Institute Central Europe’s (AICE) leadership will change. The AICE Executive Director Jiří Schneider has succeeded in expanding the programs of the institute and its activities in other countries of Central Europe. After an agreement with the Board of Directors, he will step down from the position in June 2020. The decision about his successor has not yet been made.

Jiří Schneider became the Executive Director in January 2016. His task was to lead AICE through a challenging transformation period from the originally Czech branch to a multinational branch in Central Europe. “As an outstanding personality, Jiří Schneider contributed to the visibility and prestige of the Aspen Institute Central Europe in the whole region and significantly participated in successful development of the programs and projects. Thus, I am thankful he will continue to be engaged in some of the projects in the future as well,” say Ivan Hodáč, the Founder and President of the Board of Directors of AICE. “Jiří has fulfilled the mission and now AICE can enter into its next development stage, which will require a different managerial leadership. I would like to thank Jiří for his personal and professional contribution. He built a great team, which does excellent work. His successor will have a lot to build on,” adds Hodáč.

I have been with the Aspen Institute Central Europe from its beginnings as a member of the Supervisory Board. I am grateful that I could lead the Aspen Institute Central Europe since 2016 and meet many exceptional people not only in our republic but also at our neighboring countries. I am glad that we manage to convene people from various fields, who share their interest in leading a dialogue about common values on which an open and cohesive society stands,” says Jiří Schneider, the Executive Director, about his current role.

About the Aspen Institute CE:
The Aspen Institute Central Europe is a public benefit organization based in Prague. From 2012 it is the Central European partner of a global Aspen network and serves as an independent non-ideological platform where representatives of politics, NGOs, business as well as personalities from the arts, sports and science can meet. AICE’s aim is to develop interdisciplinary cooperation and support of Central European leaders from different sectors in their personal and professional development and to foster the values of an open and democratic society.


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