Ivan Hodač elected as President of Aspen Institute Prague

The Board of Directors of Aspen Institute Prague (AIP) has elected Ivo Hodač, its former Vice President, as new President of AIP during the meeting held on 6th June 2016, and simultaneously the Board expressed thanks to outgoing Michael Žantovský for his work in the office as  President.

“I would like to continue in Michael’s Žantovský valuable and meaningful work, whose results may be seen in the very existence of this beneficial institution. In the future, the Aspen Institute Prague should continue to serve as a platform for discussion, indispensable prerequisite for maintaining democratic values, lead by representatives of diverse fields, and simultaneously as a network for connecting people from business, politics and non-profit sector who attempt to develop society. I want the Aspen Institute Prague to support collaboration in Central Europe, to which it should expand, and strengthen Aspen’s network by more intensive partnership with other Aspen Institutes around the world,” says Ivan Hlodač, new President of AIP.

Since 2012 the Aspen Institute Prague has come a long way, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of it from its very origin. Throughout that time, a number of interesting people who desire to push things forward have gathered around Aspen. I believe that this is the right direction for Aspen’s further development, and I will personally support it. I will keep my fingers crossed that Ivan will have a smooth run of work, and that he may continue to grow  Aspen’s network,” says Michael Žantovský.

Ivan Hodač is the Founder and former Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Aspen Institute Prague. He was the Secretary-General of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) from 2001 until October 2013, he now works as Special Advisor to the ACEA Board of Directors. Before joining ACEA, Ivan Hodač was Senior Vice-President and Head of the Time Warner Corporate office for Europe. Financial Times recently listed him among the most influential personalities in the Brussels politics. Ivan Hodač was born in Prague, where he studied mechanical engineering. He completed his education at the University of Copenhagen and the College of Europe in Bruges.

Aspen Institute Prague is the Central European partner of the Aspen Institute global network. It serves as a non-partisan platform where politicians and representatives of business and NGO’s, as well as leading artists, athletes, scientists, and journalists can meet and interact. The Institute facilitates interdisciplinary and regional cooperation, and supports young Central European leaders in their development.


Jenda Žáček
Communication and PR manager, Aspen Institute Prague

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