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The Aspen Institute has international partners in France, (Paris), Germany (Berlin), Italy (Rome), Romania (Bucharest), Spain (Madrid), India (New Delhi), Japan (Tokyo), México (Mexico City), Ukraine (Kyiv), New Zealand (Queenstown) and Central Europe, which is the only regional partner with offices in Prague. These centers conduct independently developed and supported programs, conferences, and seminars on region-specific issues, global challenges, and leadership development. Each partner works closely with the Aspen Institute’s headquarters to develop unique programming but to stay true to Aspen’s mission of value-based leadership and enlightened dialogue.

Our international partners focus on the development of leadership networks and informed dialogue about the values and principles of democracy and the rule of law, as well as a wide array of economic, financial, social, and political topics. The centers host seminars, workshops, conferences, and policy programs for high-level leaders and decision-makers to encourage discussion and debate on global and foreign policy, defense, and trade issues as well as current political and international affairs.

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The support of our corporate partners, individual members and donors is critical to sustaining our work. We encourage you to join us at our roundtable discussions, forums, symposia, and special event dinners.

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