Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

As the Aspen Institute Central Europe, we would like to express our full support to the entire Ukrainian nation in this moment of peril. We strongly disagree with the invasive and violent way in which Russia has invaded Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation.
We call on all European governments as well as on the EU, the United States, Canada and other countries to impose the hardest sanctions on Russia to end the aggression in Ukraine and to prevent further misfortune and the unnecessarily lost lives of innocent people. 
This war goes against all the values that the Aspen Institute recognizes around the world and if we take no immediate action, the world will have another place in which it will not be possible to live in peace, exercise the freedom of speech, and respect to open dialogue.
We stand with the Ukrainian nation and support their right to live peacefully in a sovereign, free country without the threat of coercion.
Today the destiny of European democracy is at stake. The global security framework is questioned.

We need to see radical and concrete action immediately.

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