Aspen Institute Central Europe’s Transatlantic Roundtable

Catalyzing Thought Leadership and Fostering Transformative Changes in Civic Activism, Statesmanship, and Geopolitical Strategy in Poland

Aspen Institute Central Europe convened an extraordinary gathering of minds, setting a precedent for enriching dialogues among Poland’s decision-makers and wider regional stakeholders. We were honoured to host Ambassador Mark Brzezinski who delivered a keynote speech and participated in the Q&A session.

Aspen Institute’s Role in Facilitating Change

Aspen Institute Central Europe stands as a policy platform for transformative dialogue and action. This roundtable exemplifies our dedication to raising the intellectual stakes, inspiring leaders to tackle complex challenges that await us on the horizon.

Key Thought Leadership Themes:

  • Civic Activism & Renewal: The recent elections in Poland catalyzed a newfound civic activism. Aspen Institute CE serves as a platform where these transformative policy ideas are born and amplified.
  • Statesmanship: Aspen Institute Central Europe continues to foster an environment where high-impact, principled leadership can thrive.
  • Geopolitical Significance: With a surge of interest from U.S. Congress as evidenced by 150 visits to Poland in recent years, Aspen Institute CE plays a pivotal role in shaping and contextualizing Poland’s rising geopolitical status.
  • Balancing Tech and Governance: At this crucial digital inflection point, leaders encouraged a balanced approach to tech governance, one that fuels innovation while respecting the rule of law.
  • Collective Leadership: Aspen’s platform bridges sectors, facilitating multidisciplinary dialogues and encouraging Poland to lead in arenas where it often considers itself a small voice.

The roundtable laid the foundation for an ongoing strategic dialogue in line with Aspen’s mission: to create an impactful community of like-minded leaders focused on transatlantic affairs. We’re excited to continue fostering discussions that inspire actionable change.

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