Eszter is an urbanist who focuses on the shaping of inclusive and sustainable cities through the lenses of technology and the local communities. She graduated as an architect at Budapest University of Technology and Ecomomics in 2016. Apart from architecture, her areas of interest are activism, community building, methodology research and education. Her biggest challenge is to find working solutions between bottom-up and top-down approaches. She founded several organizations related to education about contemporary architecture, urban and design questions; she has 15 years of experience in this field. She joined KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center in 2007 as a volunteer. Currently she is a member of board and leads Pecha Kucha Night Budapest and the DANUrB+ (Interreg – Danube Urban Brand) program, where she focuses on fostering local communities to participate in urban networks on a regional and international scale. She also works as an architect on data-driven urban planning projects. In 2021 she was chosen to be part of the New European High Level Roundtable – an independent committee of interdisciplinary experts from Europe.

Last edited in July, 2021.

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