Kateřina has recently become a ŠKODA person. This might sound a bit bizarre but once you start to work for this company you simply become not clever but ŠKODA. Kateřina works in the External Affairs department of ŠKODA AUTO and her main job is to make ŠKODA more responsible towards the society. Kateřina graduated at the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague and although she started her practice in 2012 as a junior associate and passed her bar exams in 2015 she was loyal to this career only for another year, when at the end of 2016 she has found out that being the attorney at law is not the only job she wants to be committed to. When Kateřina is not working and making her best to orientate within such a huge corporation like ŠKODA AUTO, she loves to fill her veins with endorphins… skiing, playing beach volleyball and whatever other movement comes into her way makes her happy. She is a person full of enthusiasm and empathy.

Last edited in April, 2017.

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